Thursday, December 15, 2005

When they flee the Iranian Bomb, which refugees will be pitied? 

Obviously I pray there will never be such a thing as an Iranian Bomb.

But assume for a moment that the world continues its self-destructive slumber, allowing Iran to arm with nuclear weapons all the while threatening to wipe the Jewish state from the map -- just as a first step. It's not hard to imagine. Such things have happened before.

As the clock ticks down and the Iranian Uranium draws ever closer to completion, there will come a point where the reality and immediacy of the threat will become undeniable. Perhaps indisputable intelligence will come out, or Iranian announcements of the time and date. What will happen on that day when everyone realizes that whatever is to happen will be played out within a matter of only weeks or days?

Can you imagine streams of Palestinians fleeing the West Bank and Gaza? And what of Israeli Arabs scattered throughout Iran's target area? It will be amusing, if only fleetingly, to watch. Iran's allies throughout the region will have a chance to vote with their feet: whether their Iranian friend and protector cares more about Arab and Palestinian lives or the single-minded pursuit of the slaughter of Jews. Local Arabs and Moslems could end up fleeing for their lives from the very same Iranian Bomb they are today vociferously helping create.

And if they do flee, what happens after Israel's Arrow missiles knock the Iranian missiles from the sky, or after bombing runs take out the launchers? How long until Israel is villified once more, one moment fighting for its life against an existential nuclear threat, the next, I'm pretty sure, excoriated for any delays in allowing the immediate return of those who would have cheered her destruction.

It's not so hard to imagine actually. Sounds even vaguely familiar, the idea that Israel must be forced, time and again, to accomodate without cost those who attempt and fail to destroy her.

If at first they don't succeed, try, try, try, try, etc., again. It should cost something to attempt to destroy a nation.

P.S.: We'll be watching for the human shields too. Grass roots oranization should be starting about now if they want to get here in time to chain themselves to the best buildings.

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