Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Kid Story 

A brief electroshock from the overseers of the Republican Mind Control Network, and a pointed message from the Committee for Surreptitious World Domination, have reminded me that I am remiss in not humanizing my blog more. Some of you reaching these humble pages have already had your frontal lobes removed and replaced with official Karl-Rove sponge inserts, and are easy marks for the brand of cynical, evil drivel spewed out here.

But there may be a few others who are a bit shocked to be reading a site where the word democracy is used without scare-quotes. It is to these precious few that I address this heart warming tale of an interaction with my children, in the hopes it will encourage them to absorb the rest of my blog in a warm and fuzzy frame of mind -- and so be enticed one more step down the path to complete enslavement in service of the House of Halliburton. (evil laughter....)

Last Shabbat, I was "resting" on the couch while the kids were bouncing on my stomach like it was a trampoline. Oh, they were having a grand old time, jumping and laughing at the wierd sound effects it brought out of poor old Dad. Then Sharon cautioned them not to jump on my belly too hard, or it might make me throw up on them.

So dear little Miriam, almost 4 but not quite, came up to me, a gentle look in her eye and reached up as if to caress my face. She grabbed by lips with her little fingers and squeezed really hard, pinching them shut, and ordered me, "Keep your mouth closed Abba, so we can keep jumping on you." I was impressed by her intrepid spirit.

Now, before that happy tingle wears off, go read the rest of my blog. Believe everything. That is all.
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