Thursday, April 21, 2005

Top ten reasons to write your own blog 

  1. Because you can say snarky things about your friends and relatives and they'll never know, unless they find your site by accident.
  2. So you can make tons of money selling your opinions and ideas, and... wait, that's what I was going to do and, well...
  3. To learn to manage your expectations.
  4. To come to grips with the unexpected enormity of your ego's hot-air balloon, and then slowly deflate it, post by post, in flatulent little bursts of wannabe wit.
  5. For the opportunity to express your opinions in bright fushchia over a purple background and still expect to be taken seriously.
  6. Because the new Google Mind Control Bot demands it.
  7. To really give your line of "Laser Hair Removal" products a boost, with a tight, well-designed web presence.
  8. You don't have enough ways too waste the all-too-copious amounts of free time otherwise festering away while you try to think of something to do.
  9. Because you are a Laker, or a member of the Laker's front office and want to post daily inside scoops on the team's progress during the offseason. I'd read it.
  10. It's got to beat reading my blog, so get to it.

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