Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hamas Peace Jihad: Day 3--Trust 

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful
"...surely Allah loves those who trust."
Press Statement

A media which only sees the bad is unworthy to report on the activities of a great Nation.

You focus too much on what the Zionists would have you believe is our affinity for violence. This is all but slander. We have no affinity for violence. It is simply a sad necessity in the struggle to get the Jews off our land. If we have learned to embrace this necessity, are we to be castigated for our flexibility under adversity?

No, that would be wrong, and we think you know that. Why not instead, focus on the bright side of Hamas:

We support a free press that has the courage to expose the crimes of the Zionists. Obviously, every freedom requires supervision when there is risk of defaming the Prophet or his servants (us), but this should not in any way prevent you from printing the rest of the following wonderful characteristics of Hamas.

We do not squander credibility on false promises. You can trust us. Do you hear us saying we will cease attacks when everyone knows that we won't? Are we quoted promising recognition of a criminal state when our principled and eternal opposition is well-known? No. You can trust us, unlike certain other parties who promise to give us a state and withdraw from occupied land, but ARE STILL HERE!

We offer no insincere apologies. We would never blow up civilians, then apologize, and then blow up even more civilians. That kind of uncivilized behavior renders the apology absolutely meaningless, and undercuts the trust relationship. We guard our honor, our reputation -- and the trust others have placed in us -- most jealously. We are incapable of such insincere apologies. If we blow up civilians, we will immediately turn around and try to blow up more, with no apologies. That's just one more little quality that makes us special.

We accept responsibility. Have you ever entered a room with two children after a loud crashing noise? Does the phrase, "He did it!" mean anything to you? Well not to us. We are not irresponsible little children. We adults at Hamas are more concerned with taking action than shifting blame. When the Jews were bombed and attacked into fleeing Gaza, we responsibly stood up and announced "We did it!" Certainly, we would be most pleased if our brothers in Fatah and Islamic Jihad joined in more energetically; we would love to have the opportunity to point a responsible finger at them and say, "They did it." But only if they did.

In short, we are 100% reliable. We have proven ourselves, over and over and over. So if you entrust us with a chunk of aid money, you will absolutely know exactly what will be done with it. That's called trust.

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- END -
The Islamic Resistance Movement
Hamas - Palestine
Tuesday 6th Safar 1427H

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