Friday, March 03, 2006

Overheard at a Funeral 

A leading Islamic Jihad rocket maker recently did Israel the favor of killing himself in what is commonly known as a "work accident" or "Allahu Ak-Oops!"

This in itself isn't that surprising -- it happens all the time. What got the attention of bloggers Soccer Dad, Elder of Ziyon, Hashmonean and Ezzie was how the media coverage of the funeral casually attempted to implicate an Israeli missile attack in the careless rocket maker's death, when it was already announced by PA security that there were no missile parts found in the destroyed automobile, and when Palestinian witnesses -- the source of the allegations -- couldn't seem to agree whether it was a missile, a booby trap, or the Vulcan Death Grip that did him in.

I'm also continually fascinated by the newswires' obsession with the grieving relatives of suicide bombers and would-be murderers, their every tear presenting an unspoken photographic indictment of the heartless enemy -- we Israelis -- that would cause widows and children to cry. Especially fascinated when we didn't even have anything to do with it.

So I thought I would try to take a closer look at what really went on at the funeral, to see if I could better understand what might have confused the reporters. Let's listen in, shall we:






NOTE: Click on any picture for original photo and caption at Yahoo News.

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(edit: removed two entries from the original set. One, while making a point, unfairly did so at the expense of grieving children, even though they are grieving a man who intended to blow up civilians. The second didn't make a point.)

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