Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Growing Worldwide Blog Fame -- Now Sexy AND Stupid! 

Remember how I recently held the 14th spot in web searches for sexy israeli men? Well, an obviously admiring reader from Croatia was kind enough to point out to me yet another AbbaGav-Blog-Triumph by reaching me with his web search: STUPID ISRAELI PEOPLE.

I'm #4!!!

I'm just so flattered, I can't begin to tell you. Of course I'm happy even to have been nominated, and to have come so close to the bronze, well, I'm touched. And finishing behind noted Stupid Israeli Person Andrew Sullivan, who was number one, is in itself a great, great honor.

Thanks to all who voted for me or linked. Who knows, maybe if some of you link to this post, I can pull myself up to number 1!!! I know, I know, hubris kills, but can't I at least dream?

Whoa Nelly! Hold the phones! Late breaking development just as we were going to the Publish button.

I need to correct something. Since my original 14th place finish in the Mr. Sexy Israeli web search contest...(drumroll please)...Yes!!! I've moved up to NUMERO UNO!!! I am now number one among sexy israeli men.

Thank you all, so much! Sing with me: I'm, Too Sexy For My Blog...

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