Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hamas Peace Jihad: Day 4--Name Change 

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful
"whichever you call upon, He has the best names;"
Press Statement

Kadima did it.

Meg Ryan did it. So will we. We are splintering, changing names. Today we leave behind the name Hamas and all its accompanying, hard-to-fund baggage, and we form a new offshoot called Hamaz.

It is true that the name Hamas was merely the pronunciation of the Arabic abbreviation for some old phrase, and so the name change is only in English. We don't really feel we should have to change the underlying Arabic abbreviation. Plus it avoids the expense and inconvenience of swapping out all the Arabic stationary.

But this is not merely relabeling, it's real. Some of us, like the fleeing rats of Kadima, are jumping ship to Hamaz. Others, more specifically Abdul the hardline janitor, will remain behind with pure Hamas. So please, feel free to continue not funding Abdul and not speaking with him -- he doesn't hear so well anymore anyway. Instead, consider opening a fresh chapter of philanthropy and concessions with us peace lovers over at the brand-new Hamaz.

And don't worry, if your donations were tax-deductible to Hamas, the same will certainly apply to us. Plus, for your convenience, you can still transmit your donations to the same address or bank account number, and interact with the same accountant at the same email address as always.

When has funding wanton, indiscrimate peace ever been easier?

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- END -
The Islamic Resistance Movement
Hamaz - Palestine
Wednesday 7th Safar 1427H

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