Monday, October 10, 2005

Nobel's Also-Rans 

I was struck by the spirit of prophecy while reading the BBC's report of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner:

UN nuclear agency director and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei has said the award will give him and his organisation a 'shot in the arm'.

Mr ElBaradei said the peace prize would act as a spur to tackle nuclear crises in Iran and North Korea.
I don't expect this Nobel award to spur anything in Iran, except maybe to enhance the chances of the Chief Mullah for Nuclear Procrastination and Obfuscation Through Negotiation (CMNPOTN) of the Islamic Democratic Republic of Free Iranian Democratic Peoples (IDRFIDP) to win next year's award.

In fact, given the recent history of the illustrious prize's list of recipients, I think I can hazard a pretty reasonable guess at what next year's short list of candidates might look like. Of course, you can't check my predictions for the better part of a century since the list of also-rans is sealed for about 50 years. Then again, I've never shied away from making unverifiable predictions before, so why start now?

Without further ado, my list of nominees for next year's Nobel Peace Prize:
Good luck, and may all my nominees receive exactly what they deserve in the coming year.

[NOTE: just to be clear, of course I'm not wishing the same fate on Jimmy Carter or al-Gore as on Osama Bin Laden or his buddy Zarqawi. Now Wile E. Coyote, maybe that's a more fair comparison...]

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