Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mary Had a Little Scam 

Mary Mapes doesn't know when to quit. You might remember her as the 60 Minutes producer at the center of much of the RatherGate controversy, in which forged documents were aired in an attempt to smear President Bush late in the period leading up to the last presidential elections. In her recent book on the subject it seems Mary just can't put down the shovel and wants to keep digging, complaining:

There was no analysis of what the documents actually said, no work done to look at the content, no comparison with the official record, no phone calls made to check the facts of the story, nothing beyond a cursory and politically motivated examination of the typeface. That was all they had to attack, but that was enough.
It seems Mary still can't get over the fact that the nation -- well, half the nation -- chose not to discuss the issues raised by those forged documents. In her worldview any document, regardless of provenance, merits serious, public discussion of the issues it raises. I'm surprised she isn't out shilling for the Arab anti-Semites (not all Arabs of course), accusing the Jews of dodging the debate over Jewish World Domination Inc. raised by the (forged) Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I also can't wait until I show her the legal document with her signature allocating all of the profits from her recent book to me, a total stranger. I'm sure she will be happy to stick to discussing the serious issues of that document too, like agreeing on a payment schedule and whether the amount she owes me also includes revenue from audio books and Mary Mapes action figures.

Don't duck me Mary, you know you owe me! Now stick to the issues!

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