Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Better Never Than Late 

The Jerusalem Post tells us IDF Intelligence is now estimating that the Iranian atomic bomb, the Zion Zapper, might be behind schedule:

IDF Intelligence Branch chief Maj.-Gen. Aharon Ze'evi Farkash, estimated that the date for the development of the Iranian atomic bomb has been delayed by at least two years due to international pressure, Israel Radio reported.

An International Atomic Energy Agency resolution was approved Saturday that could bring about the referral of the Iranian nuclearization question to the UN Security Council. The move marked a possible first step toward economic sanctions directed at Iran.
Yeah, it's hard to hold those tiny little atoms together when your fingers are trembling in fear of a harshly worded resolution that could come any year now.

And it's interesting that we can estimate a two year delay, without actually knowing the original schedule the delay is measured from. It renders the "estimate" unverifiable. For instance, if they were scheduled to be done two years ago, that would mean they should only be wrapping things up sometime tomorrow.

Maybe we could buy another year or two if Mohamed El Baradei sternly wags his finger while writing the draft of that first harsh memo...

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