Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Britney's baby's bris-like ceremony -- kosher-style? 

Via MSNBC's Scoop column:

Separately, a source says that [Britney] Spears wants to have a Kabbalah blessing for the child, and that the Rav -- the head of the L.A. based Kabbalah Centre -- may perform a 'bris-like' ceremony, though it's "unclear exactly how far they can go on such a thing," says the source, "because even though she studies Kabbalah, she's technically not Jewish."
Hey, I was only kidding, but it appears Britney is not. I'll say this, I can't imagine putting a baby boy into the hands of a Mohel (ritual circumciser) who is the least bit "unclear exactly how far they can go." No way. And I only have girls, but this is clear even to me. Britney, wake up and smell the Manischewitz! Skip this bris-like ceremony and just set the little tyke in front of some holy Kabbalah texts to start studying early -- he probably won't understand the Hebrew but "it's kind of OK that [he doesn't]".

You could also try a bottle of Kabbalah formula, not that I'm an expert.

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