Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Top ten reasons for Iran to have the bomb 

  1. we don't want to break any European promises already made behind closed doors.
  2. as a growth opportunity for the Religion of Peace.
  3. what!? you mean Iran doesn't have the bomb, and Israel does!?
  4. well, surely they wouldn't use it!
  5. that Arrow missile defense system could use a bit of field testing.
  6. after George W Bush's death in the glowing ashes of the White House, a new, less belligerent government, more sensitive to Shariaa, can be formed in Boston or San Francisco.
  7. its what John Kerry would have done
  8. it might head off a harshly worded resolution in the UN General Assembly.
  9. to convert the Negev into the world's largest glowing-glass factory.
  10. the russians have probably already sold them a missile that can reach Paris.

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