Sunday, October 09, 2005

And what is the first, most important tool? 

Media surround masked members of eight armed Palestinian factions during a joint press conference in Gaza City Saturday Oct. 8, 2005. The group, that includes al-Aqsa brigades, which is linked to the ruling Fatah movement, militias linked to Islamic Jihad and Hamas military wing released a statement reaffirming that 'as long as the Israeli occupation continues resistance will continue by all means, using all tools available'. (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)
And which tool do they turn to first?

It's quite an accomplishment to be the favorite tool in the toolbox, more prized even than point-blank execution of families of young children, or blowing up kids at pizza restaurants. Hey, journalists, enjoy that most-favored-tool love while you can get it from these "militia members", but watch out for the work accidents. (hat tip: looperguy)

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