Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google Found Me! 

It took a long time, but now I appear in Google's search results. So I guess after two months of blogging, I'm finally off to a good start. Thanks to all who have managed to find and read this site without the help of Google-crutches.

Now the bad news. If I google my own blog's name, I still don't appear until the second page. And if I search for my old blog description (Ramblings of a dad. Also, the political musings I can't keep bottled up) it's even worse. I don't show up then until page 6, right ahead of a site called SmoochDog. And now that I've given old SmoochPooch a link, she'll probably pass me too. Oh, this isn't good.

Oh well, not to worry. This gives me just a little more time to hone my craft, safely wrapped in the cocoon of obscurity. And of course to learn a lot more about how to get a higher google ranking. I may be page 6 today, but they can't hold me down for long.
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