Friday, July 21, 2006

In case you didn't know, it's not Israel, it's the Jews 

If Nasrallah's violence were part of a national struggle against the entire state of Israel as we are so often told, how does one explain racist comments like this:

Of the two Arab children from Nazereth who were killed by a Katyusha rocket on Wednesday, Nasrallah said they were 'martyrs for the Palestinian cause.'
Martyrs. Why? Because they were civilians? No, he's killed other civilians. Because they were kids? Again, no, been there, done that.

The kids he's killed are martyrs in Nasrallah'seyes because they're not Jews; they were Arabs.

Nasrallah and Hamas are waging racist violence against us. I hesitate to bother posting such an obviously true statement as if it were some brilliant new revelation.

Then again, what of the people who have been telling us over and over again that Israel is the regional racist? Yes, according to many the racist here is the nation whose citizens include black Ethiopeans, white Europeans, Arabs who serve in the Knesset, Persian Jews, as well as a smattering of converts from all over the world. Are these pro-Nasrallah, anti-Israel people aware in the slightest that the struggle they support is a racist campaign to ethnically cleanse this region of its Jews, or at least Jewish sovereignty? Could they possibly just dispense with the anti-racism charade from now on and just get to the point? They want the Jews gone. Israelis and Israeli sovereignty are not the problem, if we are talking about martyrdom-eligible Israelis. The only problem is the J-word.

They can try to hide from it, keeping their self-righteous prejudices submerged deep in the murky waters of denial. But Nasrallah isn't making that easy for them. He instead insists on publicly calling Israelis he's killed martyrs -- so long as they aren't Jewish.

That's got to be psychologically inconvenient for those ever-so-open minds that were long ago made up. They shouldn't let facts, evidence, or Nasrallah's expert testimony stop them from delivering their pre-written, Israel-racism-must-go verdict.

** Note: In reality, the issue of race and Judaism is slightly complicated. I use the term racism here because I am refuting common charges in their own terminology.

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