Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The "Blame the Jews" Pool 

Ok, so yesterday the Syrians "allegedly" blew up former Lebanese PM Hariri. Fascinating. My first reaction was to find the "Blame the Jews" pool and lay my money down on the square marked "about a day". So far, so good. Still haven't seen the inevitable, but its not for lack of effort. Watched the BBC and CNN reporters interviewing various Arab experts (BBC interviewed former? Lebanese deputy PM and UN rep, CNN interviewed a Lebanese think tank dude). It was like watching a fishin' show on ESPN. "Reporters: So, if it doesn't make any sense for the Syrians to have done it, since they had nothing to gain and surely knew they would be blamed, then, um, who could have done it? Expert (shrugs, small smile): Time will tell."

Yeah, time will tell, and the clock is ticking on this little game. Shouldn't take too much longer if everyone keeps to form. Am I cynical? You bet. The good news is I doubt this one will get too much traction even if they do try to drag Israel into it, but its amusing to watch the process. And you always like comments like "The Syrians can't be THAT dumb."

Just wanted to post a little. I'll get to the dad part next time. Hopefully I'll get the hang of bloggin' too and post links and what not in the future. Oh, and better change into my jammies if I want any credibility. Bye!
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