Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Can You Hear Me Now? 

Click picture for full size photo and original caption at Yahoo.
  1. "Yes, Honey... and a quart of milk... non-fat...right..."
  2. "Dammit Ahmed, you were supposed to leave the phone there, connected to the blue wire! All right, try again, but hurry, I'm calling back in 5 minutes!"
  3. "Hello? Yeah, I want 146 pizzas delivered... right... thick crust...no sausage"
  4. "Mom!!! I told you never to call me at the office!"
  5. "...Where the hell is that photographer I ordered? Does Reuters want to work around here or not? What? No, I don't see him!"
  6. "No! No. I'm not at a demonstration, you know I said... What? That sound? Honey, it was nothing. Just some fireworks outside, bunch of rowdy kids, that's all."
  7. "...thank you yes, yes you can, I wanted to know if my visa is ready? It is? That's fantastic! Thank you, yes... yes, New York is lovely in the fall."
  8. "Huh? Who is this? How did you get this number and why are you speaking Hebrew? What do you mean look up in the sky to the northeast?"

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