Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Memorial Day exposes true Palestinian agenda 

On the day sirens blare throughout Israel, calling Israelis to stand in silent memory of their fallen, soldiers and civilian terror victims alike, the Jerusalem Post's Khaled Abu Toameh reports on what the Palestinians will be mourning when their own siren sounds a few days later. Obviously, it must be the occupation, right? The occupation is source of the conflict, the raging, desperate justification of all the suicide bombings. After all, doesn't "Land for Peace" mean Israel surrenders occupied land in exchange for peace, and an end to grievance and fighting?

Well, not exactly. While the Palestinian line on CNN and the BBC is that the occupation is the problem, the thorn which must be removed from their side before there can be peace, this is a lie which obfuscates deeper, implacable demands. For the Palestinian Memorial Day siren mourns not the occupation and its toll, but Israel's very existence.

The Palestinians are planning to mark Israel's Independence Day by sounding a siren as an expression of mourning. The siren will be sounded throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip at noon on Sunday, and Palestinians have been asked to stand still for one minute to protest the establishment of Israel.
They don't protest the occupation, they protest Israel's existence. If this is how they try to inspire confidence in the underlying idea of Land for Peace, it's going to be a long, long negotiation. In the meantime, when you are told that terrorism is caused by the events of 1967, that Palestinian grievance is with occupation, remember what the Palestinian siren's wail means to them: Israel should not exist.
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