Sunday, June 12, 2005

If we're so bad, where is the urine bomb? 

A Palestinian militant from the military wing of Islamic Jihad movement holds a Koran as he marches during a protest in Jabally refugee camp north Gaza Strip June 10, 2005. Members from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement marched through the streets of Jabally after Palestinian accusations that guards had ripped pages of the Koran, while Israeli prison officials said preliminary checks found no evidence an Islamic holy book had been damaged. The allegations that guards tore pages of the Koran during a search earlier this week in Israel's Megiddo prison sparked fury among Palestinians. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah
If Israel and the US truly hated the "Holy Book" as much as these guys pretend, they would know better than to ever set foot under open sky with a Koran unless it was in a plastic bag and vacuum sealed. After all, a urine bomb would be a pretty easy non-lethal technology for dispersing certain crowds. Yet somehow these guys know that the same people they accuse of trying to flush the Koran down the toilet won't be bringing the toilet to the Koran.

You and I both know that such a thing won't be used, and so do these guys, no matter what they scream whenever the cameras are turned on.

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