Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Body Part Falls From Plane 

Strange story with non-strange implications from AP via FoxNews

A body part apparently fell from the wheel well of a plane coming in for a landing on Tuesday at John F. Kennedy Airport and landed in a suburban backyard, authorities said.

More remains were found on a South African Airways flight after it landed at Kennedy, said Tony Ciavolella, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Police suspect the remains were that of a male stowaway, the spokesman said. He would not confirm that the incidents at the airport and Long Island were related, saying, "It's still under investigation." <...snip...> The South African Airways flight had originated in Johannesburg, but made one stop in Dakar, Senegal.
First, let's get the "ew"s and "yuck"s out of the way.

Good. Now let's consider what this means.

A plane was dropping body parts from its wheel well. This means that there was either a live person in there who met a gruesome end in-flight, or that there was a dead body or parts thereof. Why was it there? Investigators presume it was most likely a stowaway, undiscovered by "security checks" at previous stops in Senegal and/or Johannesburg.

We are gong to assume for the moment that the body parts found remaining in the wheel well, and those which bounced off a Long Island garage roof, were not attached to a suicide belt, that it was not a "work accident". But it easily could have been.

And this plane was allowed to land at JFK. Meanwhile, homeland security has its forces fanned out amongst the country's airports, confiscating nail clippers from grandmothers.

It's a good thing Al Qaeda doesn't monitor Fox News or the internet, or I'd be a little worried.

(hat tip: LGF commenter Village Idiot's Apprentice)

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