Friday, June 03, 2005

Israel releases prisoners, beaten with media carrot as reward 

Israel once again has taken a chance in reaching out to the Palestinians, releasing 398 prisoners without a reciprocal gesture, to build the so-called "confidence" -- whose confidence exactly? And confidence in what?

Israel, frequent recipient of the media stick, surely deserves a little carrot for once. So how much credit does Israel get from the world media? How much encouragement to continue "doing the right thing"? I'll pause here for a second to give you a chance to guess.

Very good. None. BBC already has the prisoner release story in small type, and hyped over it is are moldy allegations of 3 year old 'tit-for-tat' death claims:

Two Israeli soldiers have alleged that they were ordered to carry out revenge attacks on Palestinian police after six of their comrades were killed.

The unnamed soldiers made the charges, which relate to events three years ago, to an organisation which gathers evidence on Israeli army abuses.
You can read the article if you care that much. Basically, Palestinian security was complicit with terrorists in allowing them through checkpoints to carry out attacks, and an IDF unit (or individual soldiers, not 100% clear) allegedly carried out revenge attacks on the turnstile Palestinian checkpoints, intending to force the Palestinian's to take control of what they allowed to spew out of their territory.

Did something wrong happen? Allegedly probably. Should it be investigated? Yes, Israel, like the US, monitors and corrects the behaviour of its armed forces in order to strive for the high standards the BBC and IDF watchdog organizations mock.

Will the BBC be back to give credit after the investigation? Not until it can find the next piece of stink to bury it under.
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