Monday, May 30, 2005

One Man One Wheel One Time 

While at Superland amusement park, I saw some unicycles lying next to a pile of stilts, ready for guests to try out. I immediately flashed back years ago to my single previous unicycular encounter, feeling my blood pressure thumping skyward as I considered whether my y-chromosome would demand I give it one more try. But I quickly concluded: one man, one wheel, one time.

Warmed by the relief of not having to face serious injury, my brain rolled that catchy phrase over and over a few times and I drifted into a blog-centered frame of mind, lost in the exercise of trying to come up with enough variations on its simple truth to create another top ten list. I managed:
Sadly, that is where it ended, the rest of my ruminations consigned to the tripe heap. I shook my head a few times, forcing myself back into the moment, and hurried to catch up to my kids before they could get in line for anything that spun too fast and required adult supervision.

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