Sunday, May 22, 2005

BBC: US 'could win over Muslim world' 

The BBC reports that:

The US-based Council of Foreign Relations surveyed college-educated people in Egypt, Morocco and Indonesia. It found a lot of hostility towards the US, but also concluded that there was a chance for change.
What are some of the main things the U.S. needs to do differently?

The support of the educated elite in the Muslim world - the group surveyed - is vital for US-backed reforms, the report's authors say.

"Although many Muslims are angry at what they perceive America does, the right efforts to communicate can produce significant shifts in attitude.

"Such efforts would involve listening more, speaking in a humbler tone, and focusing on bilateral aid and partnership, while tolerating disagreement on controversial policy issues."
Well, this is really great. It's like they're just handing us a a step-by-step manual for how to win their affection. That's tremendous news. So let me get this straight, all we have to do is

Come on guys! That's waaay too easy. If that's all it takes, I think the Islamic world isn't going to just like us, they're going to abolutely adore us! Are you sure there isn't something else we could do?

-- Well, now that you mention it, there are one or two other little details, almost not worth mentioning. But, since you asked, we might as well just say it, what with all this listening and humility and tolerance in the air. So, in addition to those big ones, if you could also take care of these last few minor little points, we should be able to wrap up this Jihad in no time:

There now, that's not so bad is it? What's all the fighting for?
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