Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wanted: Courageous Anti-Religious Artist 

I don't want to add too much fuel to the Newsweek fire, since it's already blazing pretty hot. But, given the ease with which so many seem to accept the idea that Muslims should riot and slaughter over allegations of a Koran being mistreated, I do have one thing I'd like to see now.

I'm waiting for a visionary, Bush-bashing, West-hating, latte-sipping artiste with the courage to drop a Koran in a jar of urine, call it "Pisslam" and display it with pride in the Museum of Pretentious Art. I'm sure it would be VERY popular, even more popular than Piss Christ was. Heck, a life spent behind a living wall of bodyguards would be worth all the publicity.

When we can find an artist willing to tackle such a project (and survive more than a few days after), then I'll be ready for the lectures about the Religion of Peace vs. Judeo-Christian intolerance.

Until then, I wonder why Andres Serrano picked the crucifix instead? Bad PR move if you ask me.
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