Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Next Newsweek Story I Expect to See 

I'm having nightmares:

Blogger Fans the Flames
A sensitive NEWSLEAK report about disrespect to Islam in the Blogosphere results in a surge of deadly unrest in the Islamic world.

By Bud Gisser

May 30 Issue - Reports from Sudan and Afghanistan confirm a renewed wave of deadly anti-American riots. Crowds of Islamic worshippers surged through the streets after prayer with cries of "Protect the Holy Book" and "Kill the Infidels". Scores have been killed with hundreds more injured in the swell of anger, triggered by a NEWSLEAK report of an inflammatory blog posting by obscure Israeli blogger, AbbaGav.

At a press conference earlier this week, Shiek El Fareeq, a popular and fiery Imam, wildly waved a copy of NEWSLEAK magazine and jabbed his finger in the air as he denounced the Jews [ed: he means Zionists] and their American lackeys. The Shiek and his community were outraged by the NEWSLEAK report exposing the disrespect contained in one of AbbaGav's posts, in which he repeatedly failed to capitalize the word Qu'ran, at times even resorting to the more disrespectful "K" spelling [ed: which for issues of liability we may not reprint here].

Talking about the inflammatory AbbaGav website reported in NEWSLEAK, the Shiek, well-versed in western media issues, thundered, "The Islamic Nation will rise up and punish this infidel, and his Blogosphere cohorts, who live in a journalistic cesspool, lacking the many layers of fact-checking and responsibility, and respect for Islam, of reputable media outlets, like our good friends at NEWSLEAK."

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