Friday, July 08, 2005

Egypt too must decide 

The barbarians (sorry, protestors) weren't only busy in England yesterday. They had a message for Egypt as well:

Egypt has confirmed its ambassador to Iraq has been killed, five days after he was kidnapped in Baghdad.
As London recovers from the blasts, and gathers its resolve, Egypt too must now choose its path. Of course, Egypt and England are not standing at the same spot on the road, but they are on the same road, choosing a direction: toward a fight for freedom, or surrender and partnership with murderous fundamentalism. I have far more confidence in England's choice, but I hope Egypt too realizes that sitting on the fence near the road is not the same as walking purposefully toward freedom. For that one must fight.

Egypt itself is host and source of many terrorists -- for instance, not all 19 on 9/11 were Saudi. To join the fight against terrorism, Egypt must end its selective support of terrorists when they kill in the name of a cause Egypt likes. This must change. One can't be allowed into the fireworks factory with a pack of matches and a promise to only light a cigarette.

Mubarak has announced his government would not be deterred from supporting Iraq. Since I'm not exactly sure what he means by supporting Iraq, I can't tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess I should just be glad he didn't announce his immediate replacement with a new Al Qaeda government. But if Egypt is to choose freedom, it won't happen with just more-of-the-same.

Good luck, Egypt, assuming you make the right choice.

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