Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Jewish Head Croppers? 

The Jerusalem Post has been running ads from Jewish dating sites for quite awhile. Maybe I just haven't been paying careful enough attention, but I was a little surprised when today's JDate banner was the first I can remember with a picture that didn't crop, chop or otherwise obscure the top of the man's head. I wonder why JDate suddenly decided to break the long-standing policy of kippah-ambiguity?

Truth be told, they didn't just break the bare-head barrier. They also shattered the bare female shoulder and chest-to-breast taboos as well. What's the world coming to?

Typical "Head Choppers"




Risque Ad


Here are Canadian Singles and New York Singles sites in case you want a baseline.

Still, given the choice, I'll take this Jewish form of head cropping over the "militant Islamist" form any day.

[edit: changed the title]

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