Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Where are the Hawaiian Suicide Bombers? 

Hat Tip to Gates of Vienna for finding an interesting new World History Blog and its recent post about Hawaiian Independence:

Hawaiian citizens voted to join the USA as a state. And the United Nations recognized the vote! The vote was overwhelming as it was 8-1 in favor of statehood.

You might think a referee is wrong in a football game, but despite a bad call, the results of the game are still upheld later. This is the case of Hawaii and the UN. Maybe it was the wrong decision (and the size of the Hawaiian vote indicates it was not), but the results are still binding.
Were it only so easy. There seems to be a non-negligible body of world opinion that believes what the U.N. giveth, the U.N. may taketh away. As long as you can get enough non-aligned nations aligned, almost anything is possible in the U.N.'s forums.

All the rest of the stuff that comes from these Hawaiian Independence sites is based on the flawed logic that Hawaii is currently undergoing occupation by the USA and that the Kingdom of Hawaii still legally exists! This logic then leads these sites to argue that Hawaii should be allowed to secede from the USA (or in their words restored) without a vote of the people of Hawaii.
So it might take a few bombings and beheadings before they get their point across. But that's ok, since all acts of resistance are legitimate in the fight against alleged occupation.

Further, any one without the correct DNA (the majority of Hawaiians!) would be denied a vote as only Hawaiians with ancestors who were citizens under the Hawaiian Kingdom would be allowed to vote in the new government. That is a cause that is assured to go nowhere. Can you really see world opinion swinging in favor of the disenfranchisement of the majority of Hawaiian citizens?
Actually, sitting here in Israel, yeah, I can see it. All it takes is some French leadership and a few meetings of the U.N. It wouldn't be hard to clear the islands of these occupying interlopers and send them all back to their colonialist lands.

If Hawaii is not American and there was any legal case internationally to be made of this, don't you think the UN, the World Court, and the international media would be all over this? The deafening silence you hear tells you exactly what the world community believes about Hawaii and the USA.
I can see why one might hope to interpret the silence that way. Or it could just be that these institutions and their supporters are too busy establishing the needed precedents elsewhere. Once they've proven they can de-zionize Zion, then we'll see what they can do with the rest of the world.

While in Israel, Shimon Peres still dreams of turning refugee camps on disputed Gazan lands into Club Meds, elsewhere lives the dream of turning Hawaiian Club Meds into refugee camps.

Here ends my proof that any topic, in the hands of a properly trained blogger, can be shown to really be about Israel. Aloha!

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