Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How they would end the occupation 

A "leading member of the militant Lebanese group Hizbullah" spoke with the Guardian to reassure everyone that Hizbullah only wants to end the occupation:

She said she could not see a time when Lebanon and Israel could coexist peacefully: 'Do you imagine one day the wolf and the sheep will live in peace? This is only in Walt Disney [films] maybe.'

Mrs Fakhry said her group believes in the destruction of Israel and expulsion of tens of thousands of Jews: 'This is a hope, a long-term strategy.

'Israelis don't have a right to stay in Palestine, the state of Israel is an illegal state.

'One day the Palestinians will destroy Israel and return to their land.'
I remember the recent "Not in Our Name" campaign in the runup to the Iraq war. I'd love to see something similar from Arabs who do not want this "leading member" speaking for them. Because otherwise, there is no eventuality here that leads to peace, only all out war, no matter what Israel does short of national suicide.

One other curiosity is the descrepancy in her arithmetic: she expects to expel "tens of thousands", yet Israel is populated with millions. One wonders, hmmmmm, what plans she and the other leading militants have for the other 6 or so million Jews.

(hat tip to Jack at Random Thoughts)

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