Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Attn. NASA: A space station for only $100,000! 

Via Wired.com, the amazing story of how a guy bought a space station for $100,000, and he expects to make money on the deal:

Late last month, Jon Jacobs, an independent filmmaker from Miami, became the first person in the history of online gaming to spend $100,000 on a single virtual item when he bought a space station in the game 'Project Entropia.'
Wow. Mr. Jacobs has a lot of disposable income, or at least he used to.

Clearly I must be getting older because, despite the fact that I work in computers and grew up as a bit of a game-playing geek myself, I absolutely don't understand this. I suppose I could do a detailed study of the economics of the situation and find myself able to justify his decision in a rational way. But I just can't imagine being able to feel in my gut that it would ever make sense to lay down $100k, a sizeable fraction of a house, for the bits and bytes needed to make a pretend space station in a computer game.

Still, it's a great story. And if you like that one, Mr. Jacobs, I've got a blog to sell you. I can always start a new one.

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