Tuesday, December 20, 2005

British Children Risk Lennon's Wrath 

Of course, since he's dead now, he may have to leave it to his wife to sue them for him. For what, you ask?

Becoming rich and famous is the most important thing in life, a revealing survey of British children said, also showing that the nation's youngsters consider footballer Wayne Rooney more famous than Jesus.
It's bad enough they want nothing more than to be rich and famous -- what about having all the candy they can eat? Kids these days! -- but now they also have to go and idolize someone I've never even heard of! The idiots!

Since my blog seems to exist solely for the purpose of accusing the media of bias, let me throw in one little bonus point here:

When asked to name the world's most famous person, young Manchester United and England star Rooney not only beat Jesus to take second place, he also pushed his national team captain, David Beckham, into fourth.

It was left to God to restore some Christian pride, taking top spot.
The reporter's eagerness to poke fun at Christians has blinded him to a rather obvious little fact. God is not a registered trademark of Christianity. I say this first of all as a seriously miffed Jew. But secondly as a warning to the reporter, that he might want to do a quick little edit or risk being run out of town by a spontaneous outburst of Jihad against his non-believing ass. Muslims have been known to get a little prickly about this stuff.

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