Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match... 

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
    make me a match!
Find me a find.
    Catch me a catch.

Oh the memories. I'm sure we all know the song. Fiddler on the Roof conjures up such warm and cuddly "matchmaker" images, doesn't it? A real old-world, traditional matchmaker, sort of like this:

That's Ahmed Al-Omari, one of Saudi Arabia's professional matchmakers. Arab News tells us a little bit about the Saudi shadchan, and recounts some of his wackiest matchmaking memories:

One of the strangest requests Al-Omari received came from a 60-year-old businesswoman who wanted a 25-year-old single handsome man. "She was offering SR2 million for the man of her dreams," he said.
That's a little quirky, but I'm sure it happens in Hollywood all the time. "Aging starlet seeks eager young stud-muffin. Send resume and salary requirements to..." Of course that sort of thing probably doesn't come across your typical matchmaker's desk every day.

But there was a catch: The contract would stipulate that the young stud couldn't marry another woman.

Al-Omari said he has yet to find a willing young man for her.
Can't take a second wife!? Well now it makes sense. What red-blooded Saudi stud-muffin would agree to that?

Tough job. Maybe he should consider training for a new career, something easier that could offer him a more normal life, like executioner.

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