Friday, March 17, 2006

Militants Attempt to Prove Israel Has Opened the Gates of Hell 

An armed Palestinian militant of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine [...] (AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)"
Oh great, the martyrs have found a new way to kill themselves in the service of Jihad. Suicide self-immolation, burning themselves in effigy in a shocking revenge attack for Israel's capture of their leader.

I'm not sure how the IDF will be able to stop this. And as the enraged militants' crispy carcasses pile up, you can bet the victim count will be trumpeted loudly in the media and the UN, the clear finger of blame pointed at Israel for its inflammatory actions and for fanning the flames.

NOTE: This is just a joking, sarcastic misinterpretation of what is in reality a perfectly normal picture of the widespread Palestinian terrorist factions' Pointless-Ritualistic-Ordeal-by-Fire fetish.

It remains to be seen if this will turn out any better than the suicide jumper training.

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