Monday, September 18, 2006

Looking On the Bright Side... 

Sure, Iran may be only several months away from acquiring a nuclear weapon. And of course that means Iran may also be precisely several months and one day away from using it.

Sure, the Pope has sent a message that religion and violence don't mix, and been greeted with an Islamic response not unlike the retort one would expect from Moe if Curly complained he was too violent -- pick two fingers.

Sure, U.S. Democrats and Republicans appear about as capable of forming a coherent policy on the War in Iraq as Unger and Madison were of settling on a single style of interior decoration.

Sure, more people in the world believe in the tooth fairy than believe that the Twin Towers were brought down by Muslim dissident, Osama Bin Laden -- especially since Islam is known to be a Religion of Peace such that no Muslim would ever do such a thing; although, Muslims would of course have no problem celebrating such an act and threatening more of same.

Sure, Israel still has Hizballah's missiles to her north, Palestinians busy digging smuggling tunnels for Hamas-bound advanced rockets to her south, that giant glowing Iranian missile to her east, and, looming somewhere off to Israel's west, Jacques Chirac, the French Foreign Minister and even farther off, Kofi Anan.

But look on the bright side. With all this other troubling news to dwell on, at least we've been able to ignore that scary old Bird Flu for awhile. Which means I can temporarily pause in my stockpiling of water bottles, surgical masks, and miniature pigeon-pooper-scoopers.



Dave Bender points out the obvious video that I unbelievably forgot to link. But look on the bright side: it's never too late to add something to a blog post.

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