Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bumper Stickers for the Islamist Bumper 

I'm sure Islamists have cars -- well, I guess the male Islamists do. And their cars probably have bumpers, at least until they blow them up.

And where there's a bumper, there's a marketing niche to fill. So here is a selection of popular bumper stickers for hip motorists fromTeheran to Hamastan. They'll also look good on a cave wall somewhere on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Or maybe even in London.

Visualize World Peace
(eyes closed, please, keep 'em closed)

We Love Israel!
So give it to us, or else.

Shiite happens.

One well-targeted nuclear bomb
can make your whole day.

Threaten Globally, Detonate Locally

If you're close enough to read this,
you're probably going with me.

So many infidels, so little time!

My other car is packed with explosives.

until we defeat you -- then stop.

If at first you don't succeed
check the safety.

Give Peace a Chance.
Then give it another chance. And another.

He who dies with the most infidels wins.

Honk if you're Jewish

What would Osama do?

Make love, not war, kuffir.

Save the Veils!

Just a reminder, these are only for Islamist bumpers, not Islamic bumpers.

As advertised on Common Folk Using Common Sense and Basil's Blog.

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