Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Can I Give My Bratz-Craving Barbie-Girls Badatz Instead? 

Afikomen. Dolls. You know the story.

My girls, up to this point in their lives, have been pretty loyal Barbie girls. But this year, the Afikomen's "price" was not the usual Barbie or Barbie-accessory. Rather, it was something new, called Bratz.

These are the Bratz my kids are referring to:

Do you think the girls will notice if I give them Badatz instead of Bratz?

Houston, we may have a problem. I think we're about to blow a parental gasket in the starboard engine.

UPDATE: The very wise Soccer Dad points out that I'm a bit behind the times. Somehow, I had not heard of the Gali Girls, who are already a near perfect match for my Badatz dolls:

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