Wednesday, July 13, 2005

He's got to be kidwa-ing 

Haaretz brings us the P.A. Foreign Minister's latest seethe:

'We want to see some concrete measures,' Kidwa said. 'We are proposing completely punitive measures against entities, companies and individuals that contribute to the construction of the wall and other illegal activities in the occupied Palestinian territory.'
Cool. I guess his use of the word concrete must be a Freudian slip, since I doubt he is hoping for sanctions against Palestinian cement companies.

And I assume by "other illegal activities" he isn't just referring to "anything done by Israel". Of course he is concerned with the creation of a just Palestinian state that is safe for all its citizens, and is worried about the roving gangs of armed thugs kidnapping, extorting and murdering their fellow Palestinians. And of course the bombers, but maybe not as much.

Ok, whatever.

Hat tip to my friend Larry.
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