Friday, July 22, 2005

Quick Quotes 

My wife, Sharon, reported a conversation she had with our six year old, Tamar, about Tamar's summer camp's evening bonfire and cookout...

Sharon: You're so lucky, I wish I could go to your cookout too, but it's only for kids.
Tamar: But Ima, you know marshmallows aren't on your diet.

It's always good to be reminded.

While at a wedding tonight, Sharon filled me in on her plans for the first meal after the upcoming Jewish fast day, when everyone will be super hungry after not eating anything all day...

Sharon: I've ordered sushi for the break-the-fast meal on Sunday night.
Me: Oh good, it's always best to throw up on an empty stomach.

Love that sushi. What ever happened to bagels and cream cheese?

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