Thursday, July 14, 2005

PA promises 'Protocols' amendment 

Yippie!!! Hurray!!! Now can we please drop it and pay attention to the important stuff, like keeping our place in the Harry Potter book line? After all, the P.A. has promised to clean up it's textbooks:

Following The Jerusalem Post's report Tuesday that Palestinian textbooks contained references to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as an "integral part" of Zionist history, the Palestinian Authority has promised to remove the mention from future textbooks.
Great, they promise. So I promise to commend them when they fulfill the promise. Until then, I'll just leave this latest oath in the steaming pile with the rest they've extruded over the years:
Meanwhile, one other point I found amusing in the article was the Belgian government's difficulty in figuring out how the problematic sections weren't caught before publication:

The government has begun reevaluating why the mention was not caught by the "screening process," which included an Arab-speaking staff that read through the textbook and approved them as not being anti-Semitic.
Hmmm. How could it possibly have happened? I guess I'll join in the puzzled head-scratching about this one and just hope it doesn't happen again, Inshallah.
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