Thursday, July 28, 2005

Spammer Beaten to Death -- Is It "Murder"? 

Sad tale of a Russian spammer's demise:

One of Russia's best-known spammers has been found beaten to death in his apartment in central Moscow, according to police reports.
Fame is greatly desired in today's world, but perhaps being a "best-known spammer" isn't healthy anymore, at least in Russia.

Nevertheless, I'm glad to see that the article, in true News-speak fashion, doesn't slap a barrier to understanding like the word "murder" on this particular incident of being beaten to death. After all, when we can use terms like "insurgent" instead of "terrorist", and "mobile self-demolition experts" instead of "suicide bombers" (yes that's satire, but barely), then surely we can do better than murder here as well.

My suggestion for the beating death of a noted spammer is "unsolicited violent death".

Wait for it... here it comes... ba dum bum!

Yarmulke tips: Chainik Hocker and Common Folk Using Common Sense.

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