Sunday, July 24, 2005

YAB: Yet Another Bomber 

Yet Another Bomber:

Israel Defense Forces soldiers on Friday caught a terrorist from Fatah's military wing en route to carrying out a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. The man was arrested in Israeli territory, near the Gaza Strip.

The IDF sector brigade commander, Colonel Avi Levy, told Haaretz that the terrorist was wearing a five-kilogram explosives belt, which also contained nails and metal scraps intended to maximize the force of impact.
I'm so glad he was from the military wing of Fatah. When the political wing starts strapping on the belts, then you know the cease fire is really over. Once the "political" guys start blowing themselves up, there's nobody left in the Fatah press room to do their job: telling the media the bombing was a natural response to this-or-that Israeli faux-pas, and that the cease fire is still being honored so the IDF shouldn't hit back.

And that would be a real loss.

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