Tuesday, July 26, 2005

PA security, on the march, recaptioned 

Via Haaretz:

PA security forces marching during a training session on Tuesday in the Gaza Strip. (Reuters)

Some more clarifying captions might be:
  1. Sweat stains? What sweat stains? PA security forces do not sweat, they perspire, and they do NOT perspire.
  2. Someone had to be last in line when they handed out hats.
  3. Voted "Most likely to be involved in a hazing accident" by his peers.
  4. PR Photo-op for the Palestinian Chris Farley's first day in basic.
  5. Career options for those who just can't close the velcro on the semtex vest.
  6. Proof that PA security forces have access to cable news and a sense of humor: the perfectly synchronized, squadron-wide imitation of former-President Clinton's pointing-without-pointing debating gesture.
  7. New security recruit marching, still recovering emotionally from the debacle of the morning's barbed-wire crawl.
  8. Private Hassan, on parade, proudly demonstrates his thumb-on-detonator technique.

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