Monday, August 01, 2005

Love of Blood, or Love of Life 

The Jerusalem Post quotes Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar:
We will celebrate the victory that was achieved by the resistance. We want to consolidate the perception that this land was liberated with the blood of our people, first and foremost Hamas. We want to celebrate the fact that the resistance succeeded in expelling the Israeli occupation.
Can you imagine a "political party" in the West bragging about having gone out of its way to spill the blood of its people? Especially when the same goal could have been achieved years earlier had they merely consented to spill the ink from their pens instead?

In the West, leaders apologize for making their people sweat or feel uncomfortable or annoyed. Heck, they even apologize if they do that to their mortal enemies. Not so Hamas. And the old "live and let live" attitude which can eventually bridge the gap between competing world views just isn't going to cut it this time. Not until a certain side in the conflict comes to agree that to live is a good thing.

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