Tuesday, August 02, 2005

They Can't Punish Bambi, Can They? 

From the The New Zealand Herald:

Osman, 27, is wanted over the failed bomb attack at Shepherd's Bush Tube station on 21 July.

'We called him Bambi because of his doe-like black eyes and long, full eyelashes,' she told La Repubblica newspaper, which gave her an assumed name, Murielle, to protect her privacy.
Oh, he's soooo cute! I'm sure he'll be very popular on the cell block.

Notice that even as we are learning that he never meant to hurt anybody with the bomb, just get attention, the media still calls it "the failed bomb attack." If they believed his story, it would be called the "successful bombing publicity stunt." Listen Osman, when even the media isn't buying what you're selling, it's time for some new product. And good luck with the license plates.

"He worshipped American rappers, Tupac, the Afro-American ghetto culture of the Bronx. He and his friends added the letter "g" to the end of their names, "g" for gangster, or rather "gangsta" as in "Gangsta Paradise", a successful song at the time, but Hamdi was not a violent person.
No, no. Not violent. He just worshipped gangstas who rapped about putting a cap in a cop's head -- artistic expression, you know. (Of course not every gangsta tries to blow up subway passengers. But an affinity for gang-bangers is not exactly the highest qualification for the Nobel Peace Prize -- although give them time and Tupac could get some post-humous consideration).

She added: "He went to London to obtain political asylum.
Asylum from what? Gelato, gangsta-rap and Italian girls? Bambi lived in freakin' Italy!

Osman, who fled on a Eurostar service last Tuesday, was tracked to Italy using his mobile phone, which was being monitored by police and intelligence services in Britain using "triangulation methods".

Italian police sent tapes of his calls to London, where experts were able to confirm that the voice was that of Osman. According to reports in Italy, one of the calls was to Saudi Arabia.
Bambi ain't so bright, and beauty won't stop your cell phone from announcing your location if you're dumb enough to use it.

Especially to call Saudi Arabia. But I think the late King Fahd has an alibi, so we'll let that one drop for now I presume.
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