Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Why doesn't he just talk to her? 

Cindy Sheehan, I mean. Why doesn't President Bush just talk to Cindy Sheehan?

Nutshell: Cindy Sheehan, an Israel-blaming moonbat, is camped outside President Bush's Texas ranch demanding he speak with her (again) about why he killed her son by sending him to Iraq and all the etc. that this implies.

As James Lileks points out in his Screed Blog today, the media stays with this Sheehan story because he's not talking to her:

Imagine if she was a pissed-off mom who wanted to meet with Bush to demand that he talk to her about her plans to help the troops – Care packages from Soldier’s Angels, more PR about their accomplishments, tax breaks for families whose breadwinners have been deployed, more post-service benefits, better VA funding. You could put together quite a list of demands, and if she was sufficiently aggravated with the President, the press would be just as happy to cover her. After all, it’s the fact that he doesn’t meet with her that keeps this story alive, no?
True, if the President does speak with her, there'll be a brief burst of negative coverage of his outrageous insensitivity, and sensitive coverage of her outrage. But then the balloon will slowly deflate until there is nothing left but Cindy Sheehan and her grief and a few hundred voracious journalists looking for what's next.

So why doesn't he just talk to her one more time? What would it hurt?

I doubt it's because he and his handlers are stupid, no matter what Al Franken and Michael Moore would have you think. And I doubt it's because he doesn't care, as Newsweek's recent article makes clear.

No, my guess is that White House wisdom says the press is best right where they are, out in plain sight covering a women that all but the moonbats realize is a moonbat. Maybe he's even scoring points with the media, you never know. After all, it's the long slow month of August, sweatiest news cycle of the year. They need something newsworthy to play with. Is it possible the press is at least a little bit grateful to the President, if only secretly, that he hasn't decided to take their latest toy away from them?

Ok, that's about all I can muster on this topic. Next!

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