Thursday, October 13, 2005

Shocked? Maybe that he didn't take anyone with him. 

ArabNews reports that the Arab world is shocked, shocked!

People all over the Arab world were shocked yesterday after hearing the news that Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan, who headed his country's military intelligence in Lebanon for two decades, had committed suicide.
So technically speaking, does Ghazi get the virgins or not? I'm guessing not.

I'm sure this story merits much more serious analysis than pithy little one liners, but that analysis would probably best come from someone with nutrition coursing through their veins and brains. Maybe if my post-Yom Kippur mood improves later I'll add more. But don't hold your breath.

UPDATE: Here is some analysis from the same source as the original post. Wait and see I guess. But it seems really, really strange to me that someone would bother using a silencer when killing themselves.

Cue sinister background music and exit stage left.

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