Friday, December 30, 2005

Another Suicide Attack -- The Cycle of Cynicism 

MSNBC reports on another suicide attack against Israel:

A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up near an Israeli military checkpoint in the northern West Bank on Thursday, killing one Israeli and three Palestinians, military officials said.

The Israeli army said the roadblock had been erected earlier Thursday after it received warnings.
Haaretz has a few more details:

Military sources said they believed the suicide bomber intended to travel via the Qalandia crossing to the Tel Aviv area, where he was to set off the 10 kilograms of explosives he was carrying, probably at one of the many Hanukkah shows scheduled for Thursday.

The bomber wore a belt containing an especially large quantity of explosives. He was riding in a Palestinian taxi when it was stopped for inspection at the impromptu checkpoint, which had been placed about 500 meters from the security fence crossing point at Avneh Hefetz.

When the bomber got out of the taxi and was asked by soldiers to raise his shirt, he detonated the bomb.
Elder of Zion elaborated on some classic examples of Palestinian reaction to suicide attacks:

Deputy Palestinian Prime Minister Nabil Shaath denounced the bombing, and said that it was a particular tragedy that Palestinians had been killed. 'We want such operations stopped,' he said."

"We only want operations that kill Jews exclusively," he added.
Of course, I had a few more reactions of my own:
I'm only back from vacation just these few hours, and already so cynical again. Gosh it's good to be home.

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