Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Who's the Most Dangerous Kisser? 

Is there not a single politician in the entire Middle East who knows how to properly administer a simple political kiss without traumatizing or otherwise jeapordizing the well-being of the intended recipient?

Israeli Labour party leader Amir Peretz (R) embraces Pirha Harmel, a Holocaust survivor, during a visit to her home in the southern Israeli city of Sderot March 28, 2006. [...] REUTERS/Gil Cohen Magen
So I ask you, who is the most dangerous political kisser? Peretz or Haniyeh? In all fairness, it must be said this is the only labial assault we've seen from Peretz so far, so it could just be a fluke. Then again, Haniyeh limits his activities to little kids and babies, never having even tried to smooch the stuffing out of Holocaust survivors -- if only for lack of opportunity -- so it could be a tight race.

Or is there some other dark-horse candidate I've missed? And no, Arafat's corpse is not eligible for this kissing contest.

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