Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Give a Worthy Apostate a Helping Hand 

A really great blogger, Isaac Schrodinger, is working his way through Canadian bureacracy and could use your help. Why is he knee-deep in Canadian red tape? Because he is a religious apostate who would rather not go back to Pakistan to be killed -- three guesses which religion we're talking about:

A few months from now, or perhaps as late as the summer of 2007, I'll have a hearing in front of a Refugee Board in Canada.

Right now, I'm in the process of sending the Canadian government several papers. I've been asked to present documentation (newspaper articles, human rights reports) which details the reasons for my claiming refugee protection in Canada. I've allotted myself two weeks to marshal the core evidence for my case.

As I was thinking about the various sources, it hit me: Why not ask you for support? If you've come across any news, op-eds, or similar writings that specifically mentions Pakistan, its people, and the treatment of ex-Muslims there, then let me know. You can leave a comment in this post, send a trackback ping, or email me.
If the Refugee Board rejects my case, then I'll be deported to the country where the adorable top cleric thinks that:

"if a state is truly Islamic" it would have to kill the apostate.
If the Refugee Board grants me protection, then my case could be used as support for future Pakistani ex-Muslims. So, in a way, your help could mean a great deal for a lot of dispirited people.
Forcing an apostate onto a one-way plane trip to Pakistan is something that should motivate anti-capital punishment activists at least. When we're talking about people guilty of no crime other than choosing their own religion, we must all be anti-capital punishment activists.

If you have any way to help Isaac, it would be a great thing to do. Any country would be lucky to have him -- except maybe Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and a few others. If nothing else, wish Isaac luck, pray for him, and let him know he has your support.

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