Saturday, April 08, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Blogging Might be Slow This Week 

Of course this doesn't mean blogging is expected to stop entirely, but it might be a little lighter this Passover week because:
  1. The little voices have stopped talking to me.
  2. I read that Hamas is ready to negotiate, or at least think about negotiating, or barring that, to listen to what concessions Israel is willing to make to entice them into negotiatiations -- no promises though. In my ears this sounds so close to peace that there's just not much left to blog about for a Hamas-bashing blog like mine.
  3. Every year, just as Passover rolls around, the Jewish blog cartel tries to cut blog-production in order to stimulate higher prices even in the face of flagging demand.
  4. We ran out of that special Kool-Aid and aren't buying more until after Passover. Somehow the world just looks...different, and I'm having trouble thinking of anything to publicly complain about.
  5. I'm anticipating being laid low by a serious case of matzah poisoning.
  6. I've reached the point where I can't put off Pesach cleaning even another minute without having to sweep during the seder.
  7. Once Passover starts the main idea left in my head is that I miss bread, and my blogging would get pretty dull if all I did was post over and over about dreams of thick, crusty, fresh-baked bread with a little dab of butter melting on it...
  8. Cleaning for Passover has finally reached that worst-of-all-possible jobs: the keyboard, which is used both for blogging and by snacking, game-playing children. For the next few days I'll only be able to post using my mouse to copy and paste individual letters, one at a time, from old emails and text files because I've decided to have the keyboard sent out for sand-blasting.
  9. By accident I happened to read a bit of Daily Kos yesterday -- wow! I just never realized! Now I'm seriously reconsidering my whole world-view and I'll need a few days to retool all my parodies and satire into anti-Israel, Bush-bashing missives of truth instead of the mindless, lying Neo-Con drivel I've been spewing to this point. Thank you Kos.
  10. Figuring out where to hide the Afikomen is taking all my time.

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